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Memo: USAC New Performance Measures Samples Required

December 20, 2022

Carriers participating in the listing of programs below are required to log into the USAC Performance Measures Module (PMM) via the USAC E-File site at Universal Service Administrative Company and obtain new random samples for speed and latency testing. New sample locations MUST be obtained and used beginning first quarter 2023 and continuing for the next two years.

  • ACAM
  • Revised ACAM
  • Rural Broadband Experiment (RBE)
  • Alaska Plan


Download the full memo for additional information on Time Frames, Steps to Obtain New Samples, and more.

VPS Memo – PMM Samples Required

For information or if you would like VPS guidance, please contact these members of the Vantage Point Solutions team:

Tammie Herrlein at (605) 990-1861

Troy Eilts at (605) 995-1830

Courtney Spears at (830) 895-7221