Lina Ramirez, Justin Fleetwood Accepted to Registry of Professional Archeologists

May 23, 2022

Vantage Point’s Environmental & Cultural Resources Team Continues to Grow

Vantage Point Solutions applauds Lina Ramirez, MA and Justin Fleetwood, MS on their recent acceptance to the Register of Professional Archeologists. Lina was accepted in February 2022; Justin was accepted in April. Both are archeologists on Vantage Point’s Environmental & Cultural Resource team.

Their acceptance makes them two of four Registered Professional Archeologists (RPA) on staff at Vantage Point, whose collective experience spans the country in areas ranging from artifact recovery to historical architecture. Additional RPA include:

  • Jana Morehouse, MS, RPA, Environmental & Cultural Resources Manager
  • Lindsay Scott, MA, RPA, Principal Investigator/Archeologist


Being accepted into the Registry of Professional Archeologists indicates a commitment to professional standards and ethics specific to the dynamic requirements and demands of archeology. Acceptance requires an advanced degree in archeology, significant field time, and a documented history of both field leadership and published report examples.

Congratulations, Lina and Justin!

OF NOTE: Vantage Point is committed to professional, ethical services and business practices as outlined in our publicly available statement of ethics. As RPA, Lina and Justin join a fleet of industry-certified professionals including additional RPA staff, CISSP, attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and Licensed Professional Engineers.