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Vantage Point Solutions 2017 ISP Pricing Survey

July 10, 2017


Each individual company differs when it comes to Internet pricing. Many factors must be considered
depending on the region the company is providing services. Vantage Point’s purpose of this survey is
to help RLEC/CLEC/ISPs remain competitive. There are further studies that can be done to examine,
in high level detail, the prices set by companies. It’s important to evaluate pricing to remain
competitive in an increasingly competitive market.

Vantage Point’s report is a good macro level estimator to compare how your company is looking
towards others in the region. Unfortunately, VPS was not able to obtain sufficient data for Western
companies. Our goal is to provide key insights, pricing direction, and marketing ideas that rural
service providers can use in decisions pricing broadband services.

Vantage Point’s findings display the wide array of prices regionwide. There are underlying factors for
a company pricing on the outliers, such as:

  • Funding
  • Price cap carriers
  • Technology used
  • Population
  • Features offered
  • Discounts offered
  • Asymmetrical vs. symmetrical
  • Data caps
  • Number of consumers

Vantage Point looks forward to seeing where the industry trends and regulatory policy action take
broadband pricing in the future.

Download the VPS 2017 ISP Pricing Survey Summary here.